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    #AdobeRemix with Craig Ward: Behind the Scenes

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    Published on 1449617079

    Duration: 238

    Go behind the making of our latest Adobe Remix by Craig Ward. Here’s a brief set-up on his approach with the project in his own words:

    "The idea behind the execution was, well, ideas... And in particular, Adobe and the Creative Cloud as a facilitator of these ideas. The lightbulb has long been a visual expression of inspiration, and the Adobe Creative Cloud represents a coming together of countless creative minds. Inspired by this, I created a 1700cu/ft installation of the Adobe logo, suspended in a three dimensional space using hundreds of suspended lightbulbs and anamorphic perspective - meaning the Adobe logo is only visible from one specific viewpoint.”

    See the final piece and a deeper look at the making on Behance: http://adobe.ly/1M1OI2o