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    (Binaural Experience) Sound That Compels: The Subway

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    Published on 1444403276

    Duration: 406

    Considered by many to be the greatest place on earth, NYC is a bustling marketplace of ideas and culture... but what does Gotham sound like? You bring your headphones and imagination; we'll bring Senal microphones. Together, we'll capture the acoustic character of this metropolis and discover the sound that compels New York.

    Today, we’ll head underground, swipe in at the turnstile and hop a ride on the train. Take a few minutes, relax, and allow yourself to be transported through Senal sound. Best experienced with headphones.

    0:22 - Entering through a turnstile
    0:37 - Transit announcements from overhead speakers
    0:52 - A train approaches
    1:31 - Doors open, boarding
    1:42 - A passenger asks for directions
    2:04 - The train picks up speed
    2:37 - Slowing, approaching a turn
    2:50 - That *lovely* sound of metal on metal
    3:58 - Train stops, doors open
    4:01 - Location announcement, passengers board
    4:58 - Barreling down the track
    5:07 - Penn Station
    5:24 - We exit the train and step onto the platform
    5:42 - Exiting through the turnstile

    Please share and leave comments with your experiences and discoveries.

    Gear notes: When recording field audio for film or video, you'll typically want to employ a shotgun, DSLR or handheld broadcast microphone and get as close to the source as possible. Need these mics? We've got you covered. For the purpose of creating these unique soundscapes, however, I've used a different approach and added two OLM-2 omni-directional lavalier microphones to the left and right side of my SMH-1000 headphones. Both mics are fed into a portable recorder with each occupying the left or right channel, respectively. With a little ingenuity, I was able to move about these rich spaces while recording an ad hoc binaural experience that doesn't break the bank.

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